Joe Budden Leaked Naked Photo

December 6, 20120 Comments

A nude photo of Joe Budden’s genitals has leaked onto the web.

Statement via his rep:

“I have always been very honest and transparent with my fans. I have been fearless in everything I do. I stand behind ALL of my actions. So, seeing the post today was just as much as a surprise to me as it was to everyone else. So, to put the rumors to rest, that is not me, JOE BUDDEN. I’m willing to put any of my exes (not the angry ones of course, I digress) on the stand to prove this. Thanks for paying attention, go download my mix tape “A Loose Quarter” , look for my album, request my single, “She Don’t Put It Down Like You” with Lil Wayne and Tank, and look forward to seeing a lot more of me January”-Joe Budden

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